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The Doctor Will be Leaving You Soon

AIDS specialist, Rodger D. MacArthur, MD, writes about moving away from the HIV-infected patients he has cared for for many, many years.


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I'll soon be leaving my HIV-infected patients, some of whom I've taken care of for more than 20 years. The emotions? The outcomes? The lessons?


Here is a “how to” guide for the initial and subsequent management of HIV infection.


Here: a step-by-step guide to the ART management of HIV-infected individuals who are “heavily treatment experienced.”


The South bears the greatest burden of HIV infection, illness, and deaths of any US region, and "lags far behind in providing quality HIV prevention and care to its citizens.”

When -- and how -- to treat patients co-infected with TB and HIV? Insights here.

PrEP is likely to be cost-effective, regardless of which regimen, or which route, is used. Here: the latest from CROI.


A new study suggests that cognitive impairments in older HIV-infected individuals may be even more prevalent than previously thought.

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