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Vitamin D + Calcium ↓ Bone Loss from ART

Daily high-dose vitamin D and calcium supplements can reduce antiretroviral therapy-related bone loss by 50%.

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Clinically significant drug interactions involving antiretroviral agents have been reported in 30% to 40% of HIV-positive patients in the USA. However, this study finds that just a few therapeutic groups are responsible for most of the interactions detected.

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Vitamin D and calcium supplementation is a low-cost, well-tolerated intervention to prevent ART-related bone loss, according to a new study.


Here's compelling evidence that a screening program in primary care leads to an increased rate of HIV diagnosis.


Previous studies have established that early treatment of HIV dramatically reduces the odds of spreading the infection to a sexual partner. The START trial provides evidence that early therapy benefits a patient's own health.

Interest in preexposure prophylaxis is high among a diverse population of men who have sex with men who are at risk for HIV infection.

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A large increase in HIV and HCV infections in Indiana among injection drug users has prompted the CDC to issue a nationwide public health alert. Here's what you can do.

Rates of postoperative mortality among HIV-infected individuals who are receiving ART are low and influenced as much by hypoalbuminemia and age as by CD4 cell status, according to a new study.

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