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The Latest HIV Guidelines

Who would have hoped that survival rates among HIV-infected adults could approach those of uninfected adults even 5 years ago?

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A new report aims to outline best practices in offering counseling and guidance to adolescents with HIV infection.

They often willingly accept pre-exposure prophylaxis when offered.


How frequently -- and effectively -- is pre-exposure prophylaxis being employed in adults and adolescents in the US who are at risk for HIV infection?

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Who could have believed this statement even 5 years ago? "With these treatment regimens, survival rates among HIV-infected adults who are retained in care can approach those of uninfected adults."?

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There is general consensus among public health authorities that the elderly are not being screened for HIV as frequently as are younger persons. But there is compelling reason to do so.


Here's a concise update on the latest DHHS Guidelines for the use of antiretroviral agents in HIV-infected persons.


I'll soon be leaving my HIV-infected patients, some of whom I've taken care of for more than 20 years. The emotions? The outcomes? The lessons?

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