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NtRTI-Sparing Regimen?

Which ART regimen for HIV patients at risk for bone loss?


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Here's why you need to keep bone disease in mind when choosing an antiretroviral regimen for your patients with HIV -- and guidance about selecting therapy.

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Depression is a major barrier to HIV care. But depression treatment can significantly reduce depressive severity--and improve HIV outcomes. Details here.


News from the CDC: men who have sex with men should be targeted for high-frequency HIV testing.


More than 22 million people living with HIV are not being treated. New WHO guidelines call for treatment for every one of these people--regardless of their CD4 cell count.


A new study finds that many children with perinatal HIV infection lack sufficient immunity to combat measles, mumps, and rubella--even though they may have received the MMR vaccine.


An increasing number of older AIDS patients are starting antiretroviral therapy. Maximum survival benefit is realized when ART is initiated when CD4 counts are high--regardless of the patient's age, according to a new study.

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Clinically significant drug interactions involving antiretroviral agents have been reported in 30% to 40% of HIV-positive patients in the USA. However, this study finds that just a few therapeutic groups are responsible for most of the interactions detected.

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